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Welcome honey
I blog about somethings going on in my life, or some photos I like, some are from me and others well found on the Internet. Simple inspiration I could get from just about anything, if I'm found with my camera and what not.
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Friday, 24 June 2011 12:52


Tuesday, 21 June 2011 10:54
My life and relationship
Yes, I'm getting into blogging again. I was out of it just for a little bit.....okay maybe 2 months.
Lately I haven't been finding inspiration to blog, or any motivation really.
Just been gaming it up, on my computer. Got nothing to do, I have to much time on my hands.

Now that my boyfriend has a job, and really doesn't have time for us anymore.
My feeling have been going distant, I'm just sort of been trying to occupy myself,
other than missing him. It's been a real drag really, I've been thinking a lot about us.
I'm just so tired of trying to make it work. Maybe something will change, and it will get better.

Waking up this morning, next to Fluffy.
How I love to wake up to a smiling face, I just get a very warm feeling in my heart
Which made me believe, yes I'm still human, I can love another someday.

Less than that, I had to pack my clothing and head to my grandmothers' today.
It's Aboriginal Day, and the last day of high school. Summer break is almost here.
What does summer have in store for my friends and I?


Sunday, 19 June 2011 17:25
Don't Be So Foolish.
This isn’t the time for me to be exposing my feelings, but frankly I don’t care. 

person a: I’m and utterly disgusted with you at the moment. Honestly I don’t even know about more about what might happen later on with us. If there even will be at this point anymore. I am watch you destroy your self slowly, all the parties, all the drugs, everything. Just stop. I want to say go back to the way you were, because when we talk I know it is still there. I see it in there you just hide behind everything so you feel nothing. It was better when you felt everything.

person b: I won’t stop talking to you no matter what. I can’t have anything happen to you because you think I’m your world and I just need a break from that. I don’t want you to go off and do something stupid like suicide. I know your personality better then anyone. I know you would do it. I know if i am not there for a second it would cross your mind. Remember I care for you so much. You have no idea what it is like to lose someone you care about. It is the worst feeling anyone could ever have, so if I am your world you wouldn’t go off any destroy it. As for you, express your self more. Tell people your feelings. Stop hiding it all inside. If you don’t get help I will get it for you. I won’t let you die.

Why can’t everything have no strings attached?
I have the sick feeling in my gut, do I let go, or do I move on. What the fuck is holding me back? should I just wait it out? I’m so lost and confused. Maybe these should be thoughts for another night, not tonight.
I have no idea what I’m doing anymore, it’s just being done. Summer break needs to come faster so I wont have nights like these. I shouldn’t avoid my problems anymore. I have to make decisions instead of always saying I don’t know what to do

Tuesday, 14 June 2011 22:52